We are different!

  1. Because we are different! @babeltrips, you will travel together with young traveller who also love exploring. This trip only for 22-36 years old only. 

So if you want travelling but hesitate to go alone, you dont need to be worry anymore, because we will travel with small group (max 10 pax). WIth the small group, you can be connected each other easily and for sure, you dont feel lonely… and who knows one of your friend can be friend forever. So are you ready to create moments with your new friends??

2. Because we are different!  with @babeltrips you will get unique experience. Because beside visiting cool or must see places, we also will bring you to see how local people lives. Beside that, the most exciting things is we will have at least 1 hands on learning on our each trip..from milking the cow, learn how to arrange flower, learn how to paint, learn how to plant rice, etc. Are you dare to try a new things?

3. Because we are different! we eat and travel like locals. We love authenticity. You will try a lot of awesome  local dishes. Beside that, we also will travel like locals. Either night bus, overnight train, rowing boat, cyclo, you name it. The most important thing we are only working with young local enterpreneurs in each destination and one of them will become your guide (or become your new friend). @babeltrips really want to support local community. Want to join us? 

4. Because we are different ! we are understand everybody need personal enjoyment. This is the time when you can relax or explore by yourself. Try to get lost in the city, ask local people and you will find a great people !

5. Because we are different ! @babeltrips understand that sleep well its very important, but staying in unique places also very exciting. One of our hotel will be unique and different. Can be traditional house, capsul hostel, floating hotel, camping, etc. Dont forget be ready for taking a picture for your instagram

6. Because we are different ! travelling and in the same time also help and give to others, why not? @babeltrips will keep 1% from our profit for someone in need. So we are not only trip, but you also can help others. When the money its collected and reach enough amount, we will share where the money goes on our site.