October 28, 2019

How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

By KKAngel

Is there a new art exhibition in your neighborhood you’ve been meaning to check out? Perhaps there is a beautiful walking trail five minutes from your house you’ve ambled exactly one time but had grand intentions of visiting weekly? Why is it that when we travel, we’ll march across a new city following an unfamiliar map just to visit a pastry shop someone mentioned to us or to see a statue, but we’ll neglect the same determined curiosity at home?

A staycation is a fantastic way to discover anew the places we live, and it’s economical, too. As with any vacation, we can curate one that is focused on exploring the nearby attractions or one set in simple pleasures and slowing down. The perfect staycation should be special and distinct from your day-to-day responsibilities, although it might be advantageous to finally tick some house to-dos off your list.

Tips for your staycation

Take the book that’s been sitting at your bedside for far too long to your favorite coffee shop. Invite a friend you haven’t seen in a while for a fika break. Even the comfort of your own home can feel like a relaxing getaway by putting some antipasti on a serving board for you and your guest.

Check your local paper’s listings for live music, exhibition openings, or a class in pottery making. Your community library can be a great resource for a historical lecture, a film night, or even yoga.

If it’s quiet you’re seeking, a stroll through a nearby park to watch the sunset might be all you need for a renewed sense of calm. 

Wanting self-pampering? Some hotels and spas allow access to their amenities all day if you have a scheduled treatment or if they offer a day rate. It’s a perfect opportunity to have a massage before your sauna. Hotel weeknight rates are often cheaper than weekend rates. Plus, if where you live has an off-season, rates might be lower still. A one night’s stay might be the five-star indulgence you’re looking for without even booking a flight.

It’s important to fall in love with the places we live all over again and to learn to be enamored every single day. That determined curiosity that propels us to new destinations is as much a state of mind, always in us though sometimes dormant among our quotidian tasks. A staycation might be just the thing we all need to recharge, refresh, and appreciate our surroundings.@babeltrips‘s collection